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mixx overview

1. What is Mixx?

Mixx is an app that connects you with nearby travelers who are in search of the same connections as you. Mixx operates in real-time. We gather nearby travelers, and we make the introductions. Just show up and have the time of your life. Mixx is available for download on both iOS and Android.

2. How does Mixx work?

Set your preferences and tell us what’s your type of crowd (age range, activities, etc.) The minute you arrive at your travel destination, you’ll know where like-minded travelers are gathering. No plans? No problem! Mixx recommends meeting places based on your preferences (nightlife, clubbing, hiking, exploring, water activities, etc.)

3. Is Mixx safe to use?

Yes. Mixx only recommends public, vetted locations for Mixxers to gather and plan events.

signing up

1. Where can I download Mixx?

Mixx is available on the Mac App Store and the Google Play Store.

2. Can I sign up on Mixx using my Facebook login?

Yes, you can sign up on Mixx to connect with like-minded travelers using your Facebook login information. Just select ‘sign up with Facebook’ on the login screen.

3. Do I have to pay for Mixx now or is it free?

Mixx is free to download. New users can create a profile, see other traveler’s profiles, find an event while traveling, create an event at your destination, and attend events during travel. One-on-one messaging and social profiles can be unlocked with a premium membership.

profile and settings

1. How do I create my profile on Mixx?

The Mixx app is available on both Mac Apple Store and Google Play Store. Download the Mixx app to create a new login or sign up using your Facebook login information. Once you are logged in, pick your profile photo, create a username, enter your country, age, and a little bit about yourself. You’re all ready to Mixx with other travelers!

2. How can I add my photo to my profile on Mixx?

Click the '+' icon on the top left profile image. Select a photo from your camera roll or upload your own photo.

3. How can I update my profile information on Mixx.

On the main screen of the Mixx App, click the profile on the lower bar to the far right of your screen. Here you can change your profile image and any corresponding information.

4. How do I select my preferences?

After you create your Mixx account, you will have the option to set your preferences: activities of interest and the age range of people you would like to meet. You can choose as many activities as you would like, including: nightlife, adventure, water sports, culture, or food & beverage.

5. How can I change my preferences on Mixx?

On the main screen of the Mixx App, click the profile on the lower bar to the far right of your screen. You can update your age and activity preferences here.

6. How can I change my location?

Your location will change automatically based on your phone’s location services. If you do not see your location automatically, check in your phone’s settings to make sure your location finder is switched to ‘on’.

7. How do I enable location services for Mixx on iOS?

Open your device’s settings app. Tap Privacy > Location Services. Make sure that Location Services is on. Scroll down to find the Mixx app and select your preferences.

8. How do I enable location services for Mixx on my Android?

Open your device's settings app. Tap Security & Location > Location > Mode. Choose High accuracy or Battery saving mode. Both modes can use Wi-Fi, mobile networks, and sensors to determine location.

using mixx

1. How do I find an event?

Upon reaching your travel destination, log into the Mixx App. Mixx automatically generates a personalized map of your location based on your preferences and proximity to like-minded travelers. Click on any venue to see who is attending. If you’re interested in joining, click ‘I’m Interested’ under the venue listing. You can then choose to invite nearby travelers to join in the fun!

2. How do I create an event?

On Mixx’s main screen map view, click “add venue” on the lower right-hand corner. Select your venue and the start time of your event. You will then have the option to invite nearby travelers. Upon your arrival, check-in on your Mixx app and let fellow Mixxers know where they can find you.

For example, if you are taking a tour of the Eiffel tower, you can announce “Hey travel buddies! Meet me at the south lawn by the foot of the tower.” Easy as that!

3. How do I let a fellow Mixxer know I have arrived at their event?

Once you have clicked the ‘I’m Interested’ button on an event, you will have the opportunity to ping the creator of the event. Simply hit the green bar under ‘I’m Interested’ that reads ‘Ping Them’. A notice will be sent to the creator of the event that you are looking to join their Mixx group.

4. How do I see past events I have attended?

On the lower bar of the map homepage, click on the ‘my events’ icon. You will be taken to a screen that lists events you have previously attended. Reconnect with Mixxers from past trips through social media or via private messaging if you’d like to Mixx with them again.

5. How do I search for activities?

On the lower bar of the map homepage, click the ‘activities’ icon. You can search for different activities in which other Mixxers are interested based on your preferences.

For example, if you prefer outdoor activities, you can search for fellow travelers who will be ‘hiking’ or ‘mountain biking’. Don’t see an activity you like? Create your own under ‘add venue’ and invite like-minded Mixxers to join!

6. How to I find a group at a Mixx meet up?

If you have a hard time finding your group after you have selected ‘I’m Interested’ and arrived at the venue, you can ‘ping them’.

7. How do I send a private message to a Mixxer?

Click into a fellow Mixxer’s profile and click on the green ‘send message’ button.