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One of the best things in life is making new friends and exploring together. Finally, there's an app for that. Wherever you go, Mixx connects you with nearby people in search of the same connections.

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Mixx is on a mission to bring us closer together. As we start our community and connect people around the world, we're giving away free Premium Membership to the first 10,000 members.

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The ultimate icebreaker

Forget the awkward conversation starters and fear of rejection. Mixx does all the work for you. We connect nearby users and we make the introductions.
Just show up for the time of your life.

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Meet like-minded people

Set your preferences and tell us what's your type of crowd (age range, activities, interests, etc.). The minute you arrive, you'll know where matching people are gathering. Just show up and join the party.

Tap into the local scene

No plans? No problem! Mixx recommends meeting places based on your preferences (nightlife, clubbing, hiking, exploring, water activities, etc.).

Continue the conversation

Did you attend a Mixx gathering but missed connecting with someone? Easy Fix. Just go to your event history and message any Mixx attendee from the event.

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